Edgar and Malia

Edgar had made the decision of his lifetime on that fateful night. He proceeded to marry Malia Stubbs on a cool and cloudy day at the best wedding venue of the time – Myshuno Meadows.

Edgar was a perfectionist and his wedding would be nothing less. At Myshuno Meadows, Edgar was sure of the grand aisle, the ivory white piano, the chef’s kitchen, the mixology bar, the sheltered dining area, the preparation and rest rooms, and the fireworks.

Furthermore, Edgar knew that Malia was worth more than Simoleons could buy.

On this fine day, Edgar vowed his love and commitment to share this life with Malia.

On this fine day, Edgar’s legacy began.

On this fine day, Edgar watched the sparks flying with Malia. Both of them resolving to birth a shining future – one of joy and wealth.

The night has fallen.

Edgar remained pumped and eager. He took photos with his guests.

He knew the value of memories – the only true treasure one would come to own in old age.

He also captured the beautiful wife, Malia.

Then, Eleanor came along to help photograph Dad and new Mom.

With that one big hug, Edgar and Malia felt ready to care for Eleanor together and face the world no matter the challenges.

Eleanor made full use of this opportunity to increase her friendship with the other children.

Eleanor wanted to complete her Social Butterfly aspiration.

She was always so motivated.

Everyone watched the last dose of fireworks going up into the sky.

One romantic red heart dashes across the night, sealing the love for eternity.


Edgar’s Growth

Edgar stopped painting halfway to enjoy a meal. He takes in the fragrance of the food in the chilly midnight while his only child, Eleanor, slept. He knew that he had to make full use of such alone time to fulfil his own needs and earn those Simoleons because he must spend the other waking hours taking care of Eleanor’s needs.

Image above: Edgar sat down to a meal on a winter midnight.

Edgar got stronger each day as he built his wellness and painting skills. He made use of different yoga routines to get into extended periods of inspiration for painting and focus for woodworking. And he soon gained the ability to teleport with his wellness skill.

Image above: Edgar elevated during his yoga routine.
Image above: Edgar teleported to the roof of his tiny home at dawn.
Image above: Edgar painting a medium piece of art.

Edgar felt more and more confident that he can support Malia when they get married. He wants to marry her because he had made her pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

On the other evening, he visited this baby with Eleanor and Endo. He did not have the heart to allow his flesh and blood to live without a father when he saw how Malia lived as a single mother with her teenage son, Benson.

He had found that Malia lived a decent and meaningful life with a good job. But he would not have that for his son.

He had not thought of marrying anyone after Eleanor’s mother walked out long ago, and he had dedicated all of his energy into perfecting his life – Eleanor’s life.

At that moment, he wanted to take responsibility to support Malia and bring up his son – his and Malia’s firstborn.

Edgar struggled with his emotions because he loved Eleanor’s mother. He was not the best partner in the past; he was a bum in the eyes of Eleanor’s mother.

He knew that the answer to his life at this point is straightforward because he would not make the same mistake. He would marry Malia, bring their son over, and ensure that all of them live perfect.

He firmly believed that the least he could do was to give his best. He was a perfectionist.

Eleanor’s Childhood

Eleanor worked hard to complete all her childhood aspirations when she saw how hard her father fought every day to bring her well. She knew that she would gain skills faster in teenage if she made herself physically gifted, mentally gifted, socially gifted, and creatively gifted.

06-17-19_4-47-05 AM

Image above: Eleanor (right) socializing with another child (left) atop a monkey bar. 

Eleanor did her best to accommodate her father’s new romance, Malia Stubbs, who shifted into Creek Cabana. She went out together with Malia, just like a family.

06-17-19_4-53-37 AM

Image above: Eleanor (left), Malia (centre left), Edgar (centre right), and Endo (right), hanging out in front of Malia’s residence at Creek Cabana, Willow Creek.

Eleanor had her doubts because Malia is a divorcee with a son in his teens. However, Eleanor remained ever so supportive of her father. She knew that her father deserved a social life beyond Endo the cat and herself.

That night, Eleanor peered into the distance from the roof of her little wooden house, realising that the trajectory of the canal almost reflects her current life – turning ahead into the unknown.

06-17-19_5-37-37 AM

Image above: A view of the canal besides Eleanor’s house in Willow Creek.

Even in the darkness of midnight, Eleanor strove to complete her school project with the assistance of her father, Edgar.

She is thankful for a beautiful and spacious roof deck and a dedicated father.

06-17-19_5-55-33 AM

Image above: Eleanor (right) focusing on her school project with Edgar (left).

Eleanor would go all out to be that Super Child. She spent all her time levelling up her skills. This time, she worked on her imagination by playing with the Purple Action Figure, a basic toy that made a whole world come alive for so many Sims.

06-17-19_6-19-00 AM

Image above: Eleanor working on her Imagination in the living and dining room.

In this instance, Eleanor realised her independence. She understood Edgar’s hopes for her to be perfect.

The Sims 4 Island Living: The Wedding of Kameron Acuna and Wiki Elikapika on Sapphire Shores, Sulani

I feel so excited to capture my first TS4 wedding in Island Living because the graphics are incredible in Sulani.

I need to share the images quickly so I have uploaded them on Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qrVj9E7arCyIPehS65L9NnT0yV4eo4DI?usp=sharing

I have gotten my hero in Rags-to-Riches Let’s Play, Kameron Acuna, to marry fellow Child of the Ocean, Wiki Elikapika at a wedding venue that I have built.

06-25-19_1-57-00 PM

Image above: Kameron kissed Wiki on the heart-shaped deck of my wedding venue during sunset.

I started to plan the wedding at around 3:30 p.m. Sims Time and I am so glad that I got the sunset wedding in Sulani that I had desired.

I am floored by the graphics and I enjoyed the game so much more than when I had Sims weddings in my favourite locations, Center Park or Stargazer Lounge, San Myshuno.

I have also shared the venue in my Sims Gallery under EA Account ID: dreamcavern

Venue name: Sapphire Island Wedding

You must set the Lot Trait in Build Mode to any one of these, museum, bar, lounge, park, etc, to get this venue to be available for selection in Plan the Wedding Event under romantic interaction with a Sim.

You can also plan wedding event by clicking on any wedding arch in the world.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised that the fireworks placed in the venue went off on its own as I had designed.

Do not make your Sim light the fireworks on their own because they will turn black face right before the wedding vows.

06-25-19_1-46-28 PM

06-25-19_1-47-50 PM

I used both white and red sparkles from debug build mode to achieve this effect.

If you want to build in automatic fireworks at a public lot, you can use the following cheats:

testingcheats true



Search in your items for “fireworks”, “sparkles” or “festival”.



Endo was a highly independent and intelligent cat. He had the nicest light grey, short fur. And he had a mid-sized chubby body. He was agile; always jumping on counters and on top of the refrigerator. And he never needed help to poop or to climb all the way up to the roof.

Edgar was so glad that he had Endo for company; he could always count on Endo to increase his social and fun needs. And he knew the same applied for Eleanor. Without a lady in his life, Endo was the closest thing to a partner for Edgar.

06-09-19_3-11-08 AM

Image above: Endo stood close to Edgar, right in front of the television stand.

06-09-19_3-11-29 AM

Image above: Another perspective of Endo standing in the same position. Here, the dining chairs are visible. That shows the tiny home in all in glory of the setting sun from a low angle.


Eleanor might not have known about the sacrifices that Edgar made throughout his life to support her. She occupied almost all of his time.

Eleanor was running out of the house and Edgar had to leave his guest immediately to look after her.

Thankfully, Edgar did not quite like this guest either.

06-08-19_5-26-10 PM

Eleanor was fast asleep while Edgar crafter wooden furniture in the wee hours of night.

06-08-19_5-29-06 PM

Eleanor had a her meals on the comfy cushions while Edgar attended to the cat, Endo.

06-08-19_5-46-31 PM

Slowly but surely, Eleanor grew independent enough to go potty on her own. And Endo did the same at the same time!

06-08-19_6-29-00 PM

Eleanor aged up! She used the chess table on her own! She was such a genius; a quick and positive learner. She enjoyed the rooftop area with the Gnomes. =D

06-09-19_3-08-50 AM

Eleanor had only just begun her long and arduous journey to be a teenage Super Sim.


Edgar was a perfectionist. He pursued excellence in his woodwork as well as in his parenting. He aspired for Eleanor to be a Super Sim – that little girl who would have maximised all her child/teen skills and also her five character values.

Edgar scrapped together a living by making furniture and a little gardening. At times, he resorted to digging for precious stones and treasures, breeding frogs, and fishing, in order to put three meals on the table for beloved Eleanor and Endo.

He led a frugal life particularly in Eleanor’s toddler years because he had to spend most of his time caring for her. He hardly spoke to the neighbours or got to know any ladies.

Under Edgar’s care, Eleanor maxed out every toddler skill in half the time (about fourteen Sim-days) that many other toddlers needed. Eleanor aged up early and acquired more positive traits by the time she entered elementary school.

Endo came to love Edgar so much that he frequently gave 200 Aspiration Points under the feel the love option. Nevertheless, Endo ran away once in during Eleanor’s toddler years because Edgar had been too occupied with bringing Eleanor up to her highest potential.

Edgar, Eleanor, and Endo led a frugal and diligent lifestyle in their Comfy Cubby.

06-08-19_5-04-18 PM

Image above: Edgar doing a Mind Concentrating Yoga Routine on the roof of Comfy Cubby, so as to get focused for four hours. In this way, he would be able to craft excellent furniture at least twice in the optimum mood.



Edgar, Eleanor, and Endo

Edgar watched his wife walking out of the house as Eleanor cried, and Endo jumped onto the countertop, mewing. He knew that he has to care for three-year old Eleanor and the family cat on his own after the separation.

To be fair, Edgar and his wife were not married. They stayed together for Eleanor but they hardly saw eye-to-eye. He thought that she spent to much time at work while she thought that he was a bum.

Edgar had to set things right. He counted his responsibilities – Eleanor and Endo. And he counted his belonging – the three-storey tiny house made of wood slats that cost them a 110 000 Simoleons and no job. He was desperate to find a means of living. And he decided to start with woodworking and move on to baking cupcakes if he were to survive. He needed to survive.

Edgar was grateful for the positive traits that Eleanor and Endo had acquired while his wife was around. Eleanor was a charmer and she acquired communication skills quickly. She could talk to the cat at length. And she also learnt to dance and move around fast with the two loudspeakers installed in the house. Endo was a prowler, cleaver, and adventurous. He did not need much from Edgar.

Edgar put Eleanor to bed, refilled the bowl of pet treats and called Endo to eat, and started work at the woodworking table. And the story begins.

Image above: Edgar used the computer on a whim; he probably chatted online or trolled the Teh Forums. Eleanor chomped away at her food and she was dressed like a boy. Endo curled his tail around his chubby body and watched Edgar.