Eleanor might not have known about the sacrifices that Edgar made throughout his life to support her. She occupied almost all of his time.

Eleanor was running out of the house and Edgar had to leave his guest immediately to look after her.

Thankfully, Edgar did not quite like this guest either.

06-08-19_5-26-10 PM

Eleanor was fast asleep while Edgar crafter wooden furniture in the wee hours of night.

06-08-19_5-29-06 PM

Eleanor had a her meals on the comfy cushions while Edgar attended to the cat, Endo.

06-08-19_5-46-31 PM

Slowly but surely, Eleanor grew independent enough to go potty on her own. And Endo did the same at the same time!

06-08-19_6-29-00 PM

Eleanor aged up! She used the chess table on her own! She was such a genius; a quick and positive learner. She enjoyed the rooftop area with the Gnomes. =D

06-09-19_3-08-50 AM

Eleanor had only just begun her long and arduous journey to be a teenage Super Sim.

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