Endo was a highly independent and intelligent cat. He had the nicest light grey, short fur. And he had a mid-sized chubby body. He was agile; always jumping on counters and on top of the refrigerator. And he never needed help to poop or to climb all the way up to the roof.

Edgar was so glad that he had Endo for company; he could always count on Endo to increase his social and fun needs. And he knew the same applied for Eleanor. Without a lady in his life, Endo was the closest thing to a partner for Edgar.

06-09-19_3-11-08 AM

Image above: Endo stood close to Edgar, right in front of the television stand.

06-09-19_3-11-29 AM

Image above: Another perspective of Endo standing in the same position. Here, the dining chairs are visible. That shows the tiny home in all in glory of the setting sun from a low angle.

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