Eleanor’s Childhood

Eleanor worked hard to complete all her childhood aspirations when she saw how hard her father fought every day to bring her well. She knew that she would gain skills faster in teenage if she made herself physically gifted, mentally gifted, socially gifted, and creatively gifted.

06-17-19_4-47-05 AM

Image above: Eleanor (right) socializing with another child (left) atop a monkey bar. 

Eleanor did her best to accommodate her father’s new romance, Malia Stubbs, who shifted into Creek Cabana. She went out together with Malia, just like a family.

06-17-19_4-53-37 AM

Image above: Eleanor (left), Malia (centre left), Edgar (centre right), and Endo (right), hanging out in front of Malia’s residence at Creek Cabana, Willow Creek.

Eleanor had her doubts because Malia is a divorcee with a son in his teens. However, Eleanor remained ever so supportive of her father. She knew that her father deserved a social life beyond Endo the cat and herself.

That night, Eleanor peered into the distance from the roof of her little wooden house, realising that the trajectory of the canal almost reflects her current life – turning ahead into the unknown.

06-17-19_5-37-37 AM

Image above: A view of the canal besides Eleanor’s house in Willow Creek.

Even in the darkness of midnight, Eleanor strove to complete her school project with the assistance of her father, Edgar.

She is thankful for a beautiful and spacious roof deck and a dedicated father.

06-17-19_5-55-33 AM

Image above: Eleanor (right) focusing on her school project with Edgar (left).

Eleanor would go all out to be that Super Child. She spent all her time levelling up her skills. This time, she worked on her imagination by playing with the Purple Action Figure, a basic toy that made a whole world come alive for so many Sims.

06-17-19_6-19-00 AM

Image above: Eleanor working on her Imagination in the living and dining room.

In this instance, Eleanor realised her independence. She understood Edgar’s hopes for her to be perfect.

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