Edgar and Malia

Edgar had made the decision of his lifetime on that fateful night. He proceeded to marry Malia Stubbs on a cool and cloudy day at the best wedding venue of the time – Myshuno Meadows.

Edgar was a perfectionist and his wedding would be nothing less. At Myshuno Meadows, Edgar was sure of the grand aisle, the ivory white piano, the chef’s kitchen, the mixology bar, the sheltered dining area, the preparation and rest rooms, and the fireworks.

Furthermore, Edgar knew that Malia was worth more than Simoleons could buy.

On this fine day, Edgar vowed his love and commitment to share this life with Malia.

On this fine day, Edgar’s legacy began.

On this fine day, Edgar watched the sparks flying with Malia. Both of them resolving to birth a shining future – one of joy and wealth.

The night has fallen.

Edgar remained pumped and eager. He took photos with his guests.

He knew the value of memories – the only true treasure one would come to own in old age.

He also captured the beautiful wife, Malia.

Then, Eleanor came along to help photograph Dad and new Mom.

With that one big hug, Edgar and Malia felt ready to care for Eleanor together and face the world no matter the challenges.

Eleanor made full use of this opportunity to increase her friendship with the other children.

Eleanor wanted to complete her Social Butterfly aspiration.

She was always so motivated.

Everyone watched the last dose of fireworks going up into the sky.

One romantic red heart dashes across the night, sealing the love for eternity.


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