The 7 Deadly Sins Legacy Challenge

The Rules That I Follow:

  1. Each heir has the traits assigned.
  2. Each heir reaches the highest level of his/her career.
  3. All career rewards must be displayed on the lot; not deleted or kept in inventory.
  4. All career rewards must be passed down to the next generation and carried from lot to lot.
  5. The legacy household can shift lots anytime and any number of times.
  6. For the second cycle of the legacy, each heir and his/her house must represent the colour of the generation.
  7. Each heir must complete the assigned aspiration but can complete other aspirations too.
  8. No cheats allowed except “money 0” to set the household with zero Simoleons after shifting into the first lot.
  9. Generation 1 can shift into any lot available to him/her within the starting budget assigned by the game.
  10. Each heir should start with the most negative trait of the 3 assigned first.

Guidelines That I Follow (you can change these):

  1. Play on short lifespan.
  2. Have each toddler acquire the Happy Toddler trait by getting all 5 toddler skills to Level 3.
  3. Have each child acquire the Scouting Aptitude trait by completing the Scout Career.
  4. A child who can also finish one childhood aspiration is a bonus.
  5. I named the children by the sin they represent. But it is really up to you.
  6. I replaced some of the last traits with non-Base-Game traits but I keep them negative.
  7. I try to make my gain challenging and random rather than all sunshine and goody-two-shoes.

Generation 1: Pride

Traits: Snob, Self-absorbed, Confident

Aspiration: Bodybuilder Aspiration

Career: Culinary – Mixologist

Story: Pride wants a long life and a career that brings practical rewards. Pride wants to look at the heir and lifetime’s rewards and feel proud on the deathbed.

Generation 2: Greed

Traits: Kleptomaniac, Materialistic, Mean

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Career: Criminal – Boss

Story: Greed sees Pride’s success and wants more. Greed wants more money and more of everything.

Generation 3: Wrath

Traits: Hot-headed, Hates Children, Evil

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Career: Business – Boss

Story: Wrath wants the same kind of power that Greed had as a Criminal Boss but with the influence in society. Wrath wants to be in the public eye.

Generation 4: Envy

Traits: Jealous, Gloomy, Erratic

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Career: E-sports

Story: Envy felt the pressure from the predecessors and eventually became gloomy and erratic. Envy became caught up in his/her own virtual world.

Generation 5: Lust

Traits: Outgoing, Romantic, Dance Machine

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Career: Musician (or Comedian)

Story: Lust became the opposite of Envy. Lust ventures out in search of romantic fulfilment. And Lust’s career as an entertainer was a means to courting partners.

Generation 6: Gluttony

Traits: Glutton, Clumsy, Childish

Aspiration: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (pick Angling Ace upon aging up)

Career: Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler (you can pick Space Ranger if you want the other rocket ship)

Story: Gluttony is born into a mountain of fortune – a mansion, million Simoleons and counting. Gluttony wants more than riches could afford; he/she wants the adventure into space and the experience of all food and fine cuisine.

Generation 7: Sloth

Traits: Lazy, Slob, Clumsy (I chose High Maintenance from Spa Day as the last trait.)

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Career: Freelance – Writer

Story: Sloth just wants to stay at home and live a fulfilling life. And to him/her, that means enjoying the fruits of success, living the high maintenance life (if you have Spa Day), having the family that he/she never really had since all the ancestors were busy reaching the top of their careers. Sloth does not want to reach the top of the career; he/she wants to break this tradition.

Generation 8: Violet (Pride)

Generation 9: Yellow (Greed)

Generation 10: Red (Wrath)

Generation 11: Green (Envy)

Generation 12: Light Blue (Lust)

Generation 13: Orange (Gluttony)

Generation 14: Indigo/Dark Blue/Bluish Purple (Sloth)

My Intentions: I want to play with game features that are out of my comfort zone, such as the negative and the chaotic. As this challenge goes on, I will include DLCs. Only Round 1 is meant to be only Base Game.

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