I have uncovered the secrets of Cypress Terrace, the large estate of the Spencer-Kim Lewis household.

  1. Why does Cypress Terrace have so many rooms?
  2. Why is it so strangely lit and oddly furnished?
  3. Why is the household so rich? Does this real estate have a secret lot trait?


I have disliked Cypress Terrace for a long time now because I could not understand it fully.
I could not understand the reason why this house have more rooms than it needs.
I could not understand the strange lighting and odd furnishing of the house.
I could not understand the incredible number of windows on this house.

After genuinely playing with this household, I have found some interesting quirks of Cypress Terrace that appear to explain why it looks the way it does in the vanilla game.

1. Why does Cypress Terrace have so many rooms?

I am inclined to believe that the two elders in the Spencer-Kim Lewis household fundamentally believe in having many successful descendants.

Dennis Kim has the Successful Lineage aspiration which requires a child or a grandchild to reach the top of a career. This could take a long time. So, he may have prepared Cypress Terrace to house 3 or 4 generations under the same roof.

Vivian Lewis has the Big Happy Family aspiration which requires 4 grandchildren. Once again, it is an aspiration that takes time to complete. In addition, the 4 grandchildren will need a lot of room to grow up.

Dennis and Vivian have been preparing for their legacy.

2. Why is it so strangely lit and oddly furnished?

I still do not fully understand the strange lighting.

The third floor bedroom that appears to belong to Vivian Lewis has green lights.

However, I believe that the odd furnishing came about when Eric Lewis (I believe) shifted into house after he married Alice Spencer-Kim. Since the house is likely to have been built up over time and standing since Dennis was a child, it contains furniture that accumulated over time. The household as a whole simply did not know where to start even if they wanted to redesign the large space.

Dennis and Alice probably thought,

“Okay, we will just shift some things out of the way so that there is enough space for Eric and Vivian. But we wouldn’t make any drastic changes.”

Now, my next hypothesis will be quite wild.

I think that Alice and Eric were teenage parents even though it is not possible to do so in the game. This means that Alice might have gotten pregnant with Olivia and married Eric in a rush. This could explain why the shift was done so haphazardly and the household never had time to put away things and redesign.

Upon loading a new game, Alice is 22 days away from aging into an Adult and Olivia is 13 days away from aging into a Teen. This means that Olivia is a new Child so must have been around for at least 7 days as a toddler.

Since Alice is a 2-day old Young Adult (24 days of Young Adult-hood on normal lifespan), she must have had Olivia in her tummy while she was a teen with 5 to 8 days more to Young Adult-hood.

Since Eric is 2 days older than Alice, he must have given life to Olivia when he was a teen with 3 to 6 days more to Young Adult-hood.

I know that this is really wild because the most straight-forward explanation for the possible teenage pregnancy of Alice is that the game developers simply created the household from Create-A-Sim (CAS) rather than make Alice and Eric woohoo in the game and let the child be born through gameplay.

Anyhow, all of the above factors seem to properly explain the mess in Cypress Terrace. So, I will run with it.

3. Why is the household so rich? Does this real estate have a secret lot trait?

I have found that it is exceedingly easy to paint masterpieces of art on this lot.

Starting in a fresh Save File, Alice painted her first masterpiece when her painting skill was only Level 6 or 7 (I did not record the exact level). At the point of writing, Alice’s painting skill is just 31% in Level 8 yet she has painted 5 masterpieces – 3 medium and 2 large.

These are the values of her masterpieces in Simoleons:

Medium Classic Painting 900
Confident Painting 928
Landscape Painting 1497
Figure Painting 1284
Large Classic Painting 2239

Alice’s painting masterpieces.

Alice had achieved this with no lot traits or reward traits. She was inspired. And she did 3 out of 5 masterpieces autonomously. I only prompted her to do the Classic Paintings.

Now, this leads me to believe even more that Cypress Terrace belongs to the Kims. Only a Kim would know that the riches of this estate lies in painting. Only a Kim would insist that a Kim descendant aspires to be a Painter. Alice has made sure that Olivia is on the right track to take over Cypress Terrace when she grows up.

It also further explains the ridiculous and comical number of artwork hung on every wall. The Kims love paintings.

The ground floor bedroom that appears to belong to Dennis Kim has paintings of leaves and birds.
The second floor bedroom that appears to belong to Olivia has children paintings and posters.
The third floor landing has greyscale paintings that look as if someone was practising to paint.

The question that begs to be asked is,

“Why does Dennis Kim not have the painting skill?”

I do not know. In part, I believe that the game developers did not design for lore in The Sims 4.

In another part, I believe that Dennis’s “job” in the Kim household would have been to pass on his family name because he is a male. He may likely be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or professor if these careers are available in the Base Game. In turn, he would have no time to paint.

The creative skill-building items placed in Cypress Terrace could be only a hobby for the wealthy Kim household. In this way, the female descendants may dabble in creative arts in their leisure.

Alice may have picked up painting this way. She has never been expected to become a doctor or a lawyer, especially not after she had Olivia as a teen.

In other words, Cypress Terrace is a treasure ground that allows anyone on the lot to paint masterpieces easily. This gives the landowners a lot of wealth over time.

Going off on a tangent, Dennis Kim and Lydia Spencer may have divorced over two main issues, (a) they could not conceive a male descendant, and (b) they quarreled over Alice’s teenage pregnancy and could not stop blaming each other for Alice’s unexpected route. It is not that they do not love each other or Alice; it is just that they do not know how to move on amicably after something unexpected happened yet.

I hope that my guesses make good fodder for storytelling and inspire you to play! Have fun!

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