Edgar, Eleanor, and Endo

Edgar watched his wife walking out of the house as Eleanor cried, and Endo jumped onto the countertop, mewing. He knew that he has to care for three-year old Eleanor and the family cat on his own after the separation.

To be fair, Edgar and his wife were not married. They stayed together for Eleanor but they hardly saw eye-to-eye. He thought that she spent to much time at work while she thought that he was a bum.

Edgar had to set things right. He counted his responsibilities – Eleanor and Endo. And he counted his belonging – the three-storey tiny house made of wood slats that cost them a 110 000 Simoleons and no job. He was desperate to find a means of living. And he decided to start with woodworking and move on to baking cupcakes if he were to survive. He needed to survive.

Edgar was grateful for the positive traits that Eleanor and Endo had acquired while his wife was around. Eleanor was a charmer and she acquired communication skills quickly. She could talk to the cat at length. And she also learnt to dance and move around fast with the two loudspeakers installed in the house. Endo was a prowler, cleaver, and adventurous. He did not need much from Edgar.

Edgar put Eleanor to bed, refilled the bowl of pet treats and called Endo to eat, and started work at the woodworking table. And the story begins.

Image above: Edgar used the computer on a whim; he probably chatted online or trolled the Teh Forums. Eleanor chomped away at her food and she was dressed like a boy. Endo curled his tail around his chubby body and watched Edgar.