Edgar was a perfectionist. He pursued excellence in his woodwork as well as in his parenting. He aspired for Eleanor to be a Super Sim – that little girl who would have maximised all her child/teen skills and also her five character values.

Edgar scrapped together a living by making furniture and a little gardening. At times, he resorted to digging for precious stones and treasures, breeding frogs, and fishing, in order to put three meals on the table for beloved Eleanor and Endo.

He led a frugal life particularly in Eleanor’s toddler years because he had to spend most of his time caring for her. He hardly spoke to the neighbours or got to know any ladies.

Under Edgar’s care, Eleanor maxed out every toddler skill in half the time (about fourteen Sim-days) that many other toddlers needed. Eleanor aged up early and acquired more positive traits by the time she entered elementary school.

Endo came to love Edgar so much that he frequently gave 200 Aspiration Points under the feel the love option. Nevertheless, Endo ran away once in during Eleanor’s toddler years because Edgar had been too occupied with bringing Eleanor up to her highest potential.

Edgar, Eleanor, and Endo led a frugal and diligent lifestyle in their Comfy Cubby.

06-08-19_5-04-18 PM

Image above: Edgar doing a Mind Concentrating Yoga Routine on the roof of Comfy Cubby, so as to get focused for four hours. In this way, he would be able to craft excellent furniture at least twice in the optimum mood.



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